BioInspire has a special purpose – it has been created to inspire people with a healthy lifestyle.
We import and distribute very good organic products, we share our knowledge and
simply do it all with our greatest passion. Find out more about us.


BioInspire has been created due to our passion of a healthy lifestyle. As consumers of this sector we are fully aware of both its needs and the matter of health which is a driving force for organic business itself.

Our goal is to distribute only those products with a great quality, proper organic certificates but also those which have been carefully studied by us. We would like our products to be health improving not only a little bit better than the conventional ones. We are constantly searching for the best organic products and deliver to you only those we use on our own on a daily basis.

We would like to inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle both through delivering some particular products but also through our knowledge share.

We are going to extend the portfolio of the brands which we are representing on the Polish market.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any will of cooperation with us.


Our offer is much more than a distribution itself. We would like to be substantive partner for both manufacturers, which we do represent and the customers we deliver our products to.

The manufacturers may count on the knowledge transfer and support including the Polish market itself, product, target group and market potential analysis. Each product which we decide to represent on the Polish market is carefully studied within its selling points and healthy qualities.

We promote our partnering manufacturers actively and do the direct sales through detail and wholesale channels.

On the other hand, our customers may count on selected organic products, full information package and the cooperation within its further promotion and sales.

We also take care of the short delivery time of our products. Moreover, we do our best to be as flexible and transparent as we can.

Hope we would make the organic market much better together!



ul. Tomasza Nocznickiego 23/51

01-948 Warszawa